25 07 2017



Where: Kraine Theater. 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003, EEUU.

Date: August 20, Sunday.

Time: 6 P.M.

Tickets: $25

Telephone: +1 212-460-0982

Duration: One hour and twenty minutes.

Language: English.

Tickets & Info Link


Produced by

HTlogoprint2012penguinSpainLLENOLOGO_CERVANTESlogo teatro 4m 2017. baja jpgFidalgo Prod 2.7 (2) copia



Synopsis: We are about to meet Mahmoud, a Syrian young man. He took a boat three days ago from Libya to the island of Lampedusa, Italy. He can´t understand what happened at sea… He tries to remember, and through his memories we will know his life in Syria, his family, his dreams, friends, his love, ISIS, the mafia in Libya and Europe. What happened to him? Is Mahmoud a survivor..?


Link for the tickets:


More information about the artist:


About the project: Since 2014, until this moment, more than 6000 people have lost their life at the Mediterranean sea. Most of them come from Syria, running away from the terrible war, from ISIS, from death… Young people, families, kids, babies, floating, dead, drowned at sea… Where are their dreams now?

Marco Magoa, the playwright and director, has presented a theater trilogy in three different continents. The 17th of September Marco Magoa presented at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman, Jordan, the performance El cielo y yo (The sky and I), first part of the trilogy. The second part Nada (Nothing) part was presented in Cairo, Egypt, the 5th of November. The government of Egypt cancelled this performance programed at a National Theater alleging political reasons. The play was finally presented in Cairo at a non governmental theater. The third part MARE NOSTRUM. FINIS SOMNIA VESTRA, it´s a monologue which world premier was in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 20th of January 2016. This monologue has also been presented in Jordan, Tunis, Spain and now in the EEUU.

Actor: Marco Magoa playing Mahmoud.

Lighting Designer: Roberto Cerdá.

Photo For The Poster: Javier Hernández.

Stage And Sound Design: teatro4m.

Costumes (Tailors): Zagloul Fayek and Adel Awad.

All The Music In The Videos: Accademia del piacere. Fahmi Alqhai and Rami Alqhai.

Video In The Streets Of Amman: Camera Isi Urtubia, edition Isi Urtubia, music “Marionas” Francisco Guerau.

Video At The Mediterranean Sea: Camera and photographies Inés Carvajal, edition Eduardo Yagüe, music “La Reveuse” Marin Marais.

Video aAt Zaatari Refugee Camp (Jordan): Camera Marco Magoa and Isabella Harriet, edition Eduardo Yagüe, music “Sonata V” Salamone Rossi.

Voices Of Children In The Video At Sea: Kiara and Kirit Ramos Ramchandani.

Model For The Poster: Ould Mohamed Bah Sall.

Written And Directed By Marco Magoa.

Marco Magoa Bio (Madrid, 1972)

Studied one year of Drama in St. Louis, Missouri, EEUU and graduates in Drama in Spain. He has lived, studied and worked in USA, Italy, Morocco, Siria, Namibia, Egypt, Jordan, Denmark, Tunis and Spain. At the age of 25 is already playing a main role from the classical Spanish repertory from the 17th century. He has worked as a “Comical Tenor” at the “Compañía Lírica Nacional” in Spain, and has performed as an actor at “Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico”, “Teatro Real”, “Teatro Español”, “La fura del`s Baus” and “Compañía Lope de Vega”. In 2007 founded his own company teatro4m, performing until now in Spanish, English, portuguese and Arabic in several countries around the world. He has directed 14 plays.

Special Thanks to the Kraine Theater in New York (Horse Trade Theater Group), the Embassy of Spain in Washington, The Consulate of Spain in New York, The Instituto Cervantes in New York, Espacio Pozas in Madrid and Nuria Medina.




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