SEX(HE)XAGON New York, 2019.

1 03 2019



SEX(HE)XAGON. New York, 2019.



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I am like a war correspondent reporting his own tragedy. I am an artist, I should be in jail. They want us to be in jail. Good.

Our sexual life, our body, our work, our life, our art impulses are a battlefield where most of the time we remain abandoned. Here you have three monologues analyzing the intense fight between sexual freedom, the artistic manifestations and sex during war.

Marco Magoa is a Spanish actor, director and playwright. This is his 18th theater project. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and English and has presented his performances in Spain, Egypt, The United Kingdom, EEUU, Denmark, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Namibia. This is his third production in New York after MARE NOSTRUM. FINIS SOMNIA VESTRA and On the Way to the Sawmill in 2017.

Artist Team

Cast (In order of appearance)

Marco Magoa, Giovanni Marine and Gabrielle Marie

Text and Direction: Marco Magoa.

Lighting Design: Roberto Cerdá.

Image for the Poster: Javier Suárez.

Graphic Design: Fede Bosco.

Language: English, with small parts in Spanish and Arabic.

Duration: 40 minutes. After the performance there will be a talk with the artists to discuss the situation of sexual freedom, art creation and censorship nowadays.

* Restricted to adults over 18 years of age*

Special Thanks to: Spain Arts & Culture (The Embassy of Spain in Washington), Óscar Fidalgo, Elvira Ramos, Kid Cuba, Daniel Mayoral (myr_thebarber), La Barquillera.

Introduction: Open Rehearsal of this performance that explores, through out poetry and letters, the sexual desires and the sense of loneliness. What do you do when you realize that your happiness is hidden between your ribs? Who is going to bite your flesh to find it? Marco Magoa will be on the stage accompanied by two other artists; the American actors Gabrielle Marie and Giovanni Marine. After the rehearsal there will be a brief talk with the artists.




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